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We help brands to connect with their audience and transmit what really matters through valuable content and digital strategy.

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Adrenaline is what we are addicted to. We believe that emotions are the strongest way of communication and thats why we risk everything to get the perfect shot.

We cover extreme sports events, produce exciting content and share inspiring stories from inspiring people.


Places that make you dream

Finding the perfect spot for your project is the main mission of scouting.

We have years of experience exploring, archiving and collecting the best spots all over Spain and the Alpes.



Events are the backbone of extreme sports, allowing riders to progress and push the boundaries of the sport.

The Barcelona Extreme is one of the most iconic extreme sports events in the country, gathering the best riders all over the world. 

In 2021 it was one of the firsts events allowed after the pandemic, and was a real success.

We covered the full event and generated a strong flow of content during the 5 days of the event with daily recaps and best tricks, creating a very high engagement on social media and achieving a growth of over 10K followers.

We provide coverage, live streaming and anything you need for your event!



A beautiful video is useless without a proper strategy behind. 

Let the data do the talk.

We are artists with a business mind.



Today we’re celebrating #goskateboardingday 🛹. And what a better day to move freely and with 0 emissions around the city with #SEATMÓ than today! 🛵 #wemovelikeyoumove @SEAT MÓ #motochallenge #verano

♬ Tigini (Remix) - Rvfv & Kikimoteleba

Use cases: There are no way to ensure a video is going viral, however, there are some shorcurts to get the most of the “algorithm”

1st: Activation for SeatMó with olympic skater Danny León, creating a TikTok that hit over 700k views

2nd: Content for the event Barcelona Extreme, the quickness of posting this trick made it pop over 50k views

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